From coaching to product compliance to photography to parenting and babywearing education, I can work with you, your business, or your family in a wide range of ways.

With 19 years' experience as a business owner and business development manager, and education degree, and over 20 years' experience parenting 5 children and speaking about parenting and psychology, I'm ready to serve you and support you in developing yourself, your business, and/or your family.

Coaching and planning

Life, family, and business

I can help you define and meet your goals, act as an accountability partner, or work with you as a project manager for both short or long-term projects. Things like long term marketing plans or business plans are among the services I can offer.

Brand and style guidance

Ensure your colors, logo, and voice say what you want them to

Does your logo leave your customers with the right impression of your brand? Is the shade of blue you are using the RIGHT shade, and does it work with your accent color? Is it consistent? Does your voice and style match the business image you want to portray? Let’s work together to make sure it does!

Compliance and systematization

Make sure your business is compliant with regulations and runs smoothly

I’m passionate about procedures and the ways in which having standard operating procedures saves a small business time and money. Make the hard decisions once and use your attention to grow and serve!

Market research

Insights about your customers, members, employees, stakeholders, and more

The best way to increase your marketing effectiveness and decrease cost is to really get to know your customers. I have training and experience in conducting market research, and customers appreciate my effectiveness, deep insight, and action-oriented reports. This tool can be used with employees, consumers, stakeholders, and any other group connected to your business. Let’s get started today!

Infant touch and carrying consultant

CBWS-trained babywearing educator, BS Ed. and parenting educator

Finding the baby carrier that works best for your family can reduce your baby’s crying, reduce your overwhelm, and help set your family up for success. I can help you choose and learn to use the baby carrier or carriers that are suited to your life, body, and family.

Photography, graphics, and copywriting

Capture your life and work in words and images

I specialize in capturing your life and work in motion. Whether it’s in written or visual form, I will work with you to tell a story, either personal, the story of an event, or the story of your work, business, or passion.